Steve Smith admitted – watching Virat Kohli breaking all records

Steve Smith admitted – watching Virat Kohli breaking all records


Smith admitted that as a captain, Virat Kohli has made India number-1 in Tests. And from what I can see that they have set good scales for the team.


  • Smith ready to play another ICC tournament at his home
  • Australia to host T20 World Cup this year


Australia’s Steve Smith, who returned from his bat after the ban, is ready to play another ICC tournament at his home. Australia has to host the T20 World Cup this year and this will be the second time after 2015 when Australia will host an ICC tournament. Smith is very excited about this World Cup.


Smith believes that playing with the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL will help them a lot for their World Cup preparations. Smith, in an exclusive interview with IANS, discussed the ongoing four-day Test match, Virat Kohli’s support for him, the Indian Premier League and Tim Paine’s captaincy.



Smith’s short format, which has dominated his batting in the last few years, certainly shows improvement in statistics. But this former Australian captain wants to improve by playing continuously instead of changing his style before going to the T20 World Cup.


‘I want to play more and more T20 cricket’


Smith said, ‘There is no special training, but I want to play T20 cricket more and more and get the right rhythm, I think it is very important for me for the game. I would love to be part of the World Cup, it is in our house. I played ODI World Cup here in 2015 and it had been a fantastic six weeks of my career, I enjoyed every single moment. So I would like to play another World Cup at home.


When he was asked that IPL World Cup preparations would be the right platform, would he like to do some new things while playing from Rajasthan? Smith said that he does not like to tamper with his regular training schedule, but he can definitely test his leg-spin.



He said, ‘I don’t want to do much different. I don’t know, maybe do something in bowling, but it will take time from my batting time again. It is difficult, but wait, let’s see.


Talk to Smith cannot be completed without discussing Kohli. It seems that these two will go ahead together and will distribute all the records among themselves. Smith’s greatness, however, lies in his humanity. When the matter moved forward, by comparison, he told how brilliant batsman and captain Kohli is.


‘Kohli is fantastic, figures give testimony to this fact


He said, ‘Yes, he is fantastic. Their figures testify to this fact. I think he is an incredible player in all three formats. I think we will see him breaking many records. They have already broken many records and in the coming days, I can see them breaking many more records. They have a hunger for runs. Hopefully, he stops against Australia, it will be good.


Smith admitted, ‘As a captain, he has made India number-1 in Tests. And from what I can see that they have set good scales for the team. He is serious about fitness. He has delivered the Indian team in good condition and is captaining the team in an unbelievable way.


ICC also praised Kohli’s sporting spirit


In the 2019 World Cup, when fans were making fun of Smith, Virat Kohli supported the Australian batsman. When asked about Kohli’s move to Smith, he said, “What Virat did in the World Cup was awesome. This was a great move that should be commended. For this, the ICC has given the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ award to Kohli.



There are also discussions that Smith can be seen once again captaining Australia in the future, but for this batsman, Penn is the captain, a captain who is doing a fantastic job.


Steve Smith became the captain of Tim Paine’s captaincy


He captained the team gracefully. Apparently, after about 20 years, going to England and saving the Ashes was a great effort. He has captained the team in the best way.


The ICC is considering a four-day Test match from the 2023 Test Championship. Smith appears conventional in this case and is in favor of keeping the test as it is.

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